River City Federal Credit Union is providing the RAL service in tax year 2023.

You can find the map of VITA locations on the home page of this website, vitasa.org.

A RAL is an advance (a loan) on all or part of your IRS tax refund. If you are getting a tax refund then you will be eligible for a RAL.

RAL Services will be provided at 3 VITA Sites:

  1. Neighborhood Place
  2. St. Philips College
  3. Guadalupe Community Center


  1. Loan Amount: $300.00 – $1000.00
  2. Fee: $0
  3. 0% interest
  4. 30 day term – must be repaid with the IRS direct deposit to River City FCU account

To get a RAL using VITA the procedure is as follows.

Step 1:
If you don’t already have an account with River City FCU, you can open one by visiting the River City Federal Credit Union table at the VITA sites listed above. Valid state issued photo identification and Social Security Card is needed to open a savings and checking account. Once your account is open, it is available for your daily banking use. We offer direct deposit for payroll and Social Security, including fee-free checking accounts.

Step 2:
With your River City FCU routing number and account number, go to one of the locations listed above to get your taxes done by VITA. Your tax preparer will use the bank information you provided to complete your taxes.

Step 3:
Return to River City FCU table at the VITA site with your completed and accepted tax return to receive your refund anticipation loan. There will be no application fee and the maximum loan will be $1,000. No interest or other charges will be incurred when the IRS refund is processed.

Steph 4:

The refund anticipation loan will be paid off when the direct deposit from your refund is deposited into your River City FCU account. If your refund deposit is held by the IRS for any reason and the direct deposit is not posted to your River City FCU account, you are liable for the refund anticipation loan per the terms of the contract.

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