My Free Taxes

You may be able to prepare your own taxes – either at home or at one of our sites that host My Free Taxes.

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If you are comfortable with computers and have a simple tax return, generally only W-2’s, then you should consider using My Free Taxes.

You are welcome to use My Free Taxes at home if you have a computer and don’t need our assistance. If you would prefer, come to one of the sites shown on the map above. We have computers you can use as well as access to our certified VITA Volunteers.

Instructions for My Free Taxes

  1. Open Site will redirect to Use orange box or blue menu to navigate in My Free Taxes (MFT). (Red bar at top will take you to United Way Worldwide website.)
  2. Open the MENU blue box on top left. At Get Organized, review the Tax Preparation Checklist to make sure you have everything you need before you begin your tax return. Review Tax Credits and Deductions to learn about those that may apply to you.
  3. Click orange box FILE FOR FREE.  Read new page and then click Got it. Note: Access to free software at H&R block is via MFT portal only.  Always make sure the logo is visible while preparing your tax return to ensure you are on the free site.  Warning: Users with taxable income of $64,000 or higher will be charged according to H&R Block fee schedule.
  4. Create Account and Log in:
  5. New MFT users:  Select Create Account. E-mail, username, and password will be required. Choose three security questions. Select “I agree to the term and conditions” box in order to continue. Select Create Account. A new screen will load; make sure the logo is on the top left hand side of the page to ensure you are on the free site.
  6. Returning MFT users: Select Sign In. Enter username and password. Once you log-in a new screen will load. The logo should be on the top left hand side of the page to ensure you are on the free site. New this year: If your username was your email address you will have to re-set the username to something other than an email.  Make sure you do this having entered H&R Block through the MyFreeTaxes portal or you will be locked out of MFT.
  7. Click green box Start My Taxes.  Answer questions as prompted.  Need help? Use MFT informational links; Chat help; MFT helpline 1-855-698-9435.  Research tax law topics in IRS Publication 17, Tax Guide which is a searchable document on-line at
  8. Click Review my 2017 Return when finished. Open the PDF and view content to ensure everything is correct.  Make a copy of your tax return for your records in print or secure pdf.  You will also be able to view your returns at H&R
  9. If you need to revise the return, click Go back. I’m not ready to file.
  10. Submit to IRS by clicking green box File my 2017 tax return.
  11. Record your email, username, password, and pin number and keep with your tax return in a secure location for next filing season and to access your tax return in the future.
  12. You are not finished yet!  Check your e-mail within 24-48 hours. H&R Block will send an acknowledgment e-mail informing you whether the IRS accepted or rejected your tax return. (See MFT home page blue box RESOURCES Review Your Return Status.)
  13. Accepted returns: Your tax return is filed with IRS.
  14. Rejected returns: Your tax return is not filed with IRS. You must correct the tax return and re-submit.  Log on to MFT.  Follow prompts to correct your tax return.  If you need help making corrections contact MFT helpline or chat.  Repeat steps 6-10.